Your wish is my command.

- Joselyn Dunn

Summary Edit

Joselyn Dunn
Joselyn Dunn
General Information
Race Human
Birthplace Kul Tiras
Titles Unknown
Other attributes
Age Seventeen

Joselyn Dunn was a servant of the Bhargof Court and one of the members of the core that would eventually become Felsworn.

Quiet and extremely paranoid after a history of violence in her relatively short life, Joselyn was taken in by the High Judge as a maid to serve his court, an act for which she felt 'saved' her. As an individual, she did - against the odds - grow in strength and influence over time, making her opinions known in Northrend and showing natural skill with the arcane before the expedition to Shadowmoon Valley. She was crucial in assisting Acanthia Rawling before her wedding, both mentally and physically, and most likely the reason it was able to go ahead.

Among the Felsworn, Joselyn was scared and more alienated than ever before, despite progress. Although she made the journey safely, she disappeared almost only a week after arrival, with no trace to be found.

Current Location and Status Edit

As Joselyn left no letter or means of tracking her, both the servant's location and status/health remain unknown.