The Bhargof Court was a privately owned alternative to the Kingdom's official system of law.

It was founded by its own ideals and methods, and inspired by how a system of law can serve the Alliance in the most effective way possible. The Court's existence was the product of high demand for said system, and it started to operate almost immediately after the suggestions were made.

The Court spread its positive influence with the assistance of its primary allies, performing key services such as:

  • Trials
  • Regular council meetings between allied forces
  • Utilizing swiftness for the effectivity of the law (speed!)
  • Updating the law book to meet the Alliance's needs and status
  • Managing other civilian matters, financial disputes

Operating from Stormwind Keep and often the Stockades, the Court then branched out and created its own, although small, elite Guardian unit to conduct a variety of services.

The court was based in the Keep, with the lawyer/staff services more specifically found in the Royal Library.

Wings and Roles of the CourtEdit

High JudgeEdit

The original founder and leader of the court was Vlakor Blackstrom. With a long experienced history in the field of law, he made executive decisions for the court's progress. The mastermind behind the court's ideals and concept, he oversaw both wings with brutal efficiency.


The Protector was a commander; the High Judge's right arm, and they were in charge of the Guardian wing. It was his/her responsibility to make certain that the Court's guards and knights were all properly skilled and disciplined. In addition, they were in charge of the Court's security, and outside expeditions.

Judges, Lawyers and SecretariesEdit

The primary wing of the Court, these staff members - who came from awide variety of races and backgrounds - were devoted to the law. Their presence was invaluable in trial situations and the bulk of the court matters. All Judges, Lawyers and Secretaries operated together; as teamwork is critical.

Knights, Guardians and EnlisteesEdit

The secondary wing of the Court, these wing members were devoted to security, and investigation. Their presence was invaluable to the Court's general existence. They worked together, with the Protector and Knights in charge to maintain security, in, and outside of Stormwind. Everything from Guardian trials, to hunting down fugitives in distant lands. 


Enlistees were individuals who did not yet seem appropriate for a Guardian position. This could have been because he or she, were not physically capable yet, or has matters to learn in terms of investigation. Enlistees were because of it most usually assigned to a specific individual of the Court, into a position unlike that of a Squire, but in the name of the Court.